3 PCs Rustic Chandelier lighting Rope

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Wooden Rope 3 Piece Rustic Chandelier
Wooden Rope 3 Rustic Chandelier is a type chandelier of that will be preferred in rustic type decorations, which are becoming very popular today with its handmade products. Thanks to this chandelier, which makes the environment sparkling with its extraordinary design, the peace you are looking for comes to your homes. In addition to its functional and design features, it is a very remarkable product with its hand workmanship.
In rustic decoration, a harmonious atmosphere is achieved by generally choosing brown and earth tones. For this reason, while using this product, you can complete your decoration by choosing the bulb glasses accordance in with the color of the wood.You can easily use this chandelier everywhere in your home, including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and guest rooms. It is a chandelier that you will use for many years.
Why Is The Selection of Chandelier In Important Rustic Decoration Design?
Lighting selection is one of the complementary elements of rustic decoration design. The purpose of lighting fixtures should be suitable for the living spaces you prefer, as well as providing the light that the environment needs. Natural texture with Materials such as wood, wicker and rattan are preferred in rustic decoration. All Home Wooden Rope 3-Piece Rustic Chandelier provides the lighting needed by environment with its bulbs placed on a wooden lath. In addition, thanks to the ropes that complement the design, it makes the atmosphere of environment away stress and authentic. The materials used for this product are produced from unprocessed materials that are supplied from nature. It is a practical chandelier cleaning and maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition, the assembly of the product is extremely practical and can be easily assembled with simple hand tools.
Dimensions: 50 cm / 50 cm (Height / Width) Color: Wooden Lampholder: 3 x E27 (Bulbs are not included in the product you Pro advice, have purchased.) Wood Size: 4x8 cm
For those who don't give up elegance in every part of the house, we have brought together the most modern and stylish versions of chandeliers for you.
Enjoy a spacious enlightenment by choosing the most suitable chandelier for your home.
Item Height: 50cm
Item Width: 50cm
Color: Wood
Lampholder: 3 xe27
Wood Size: 4x8 cm
Note: Bulbs Are Not Included In The Price!
The 3 PCs Rustic Chandelier lighting Rope is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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